Monday, December 29, 2008

Maison's favorite way to top off the year? A new haircut. My favorite way to top off the year? Another Coco Bonbons give-away!

So, by the title of this blog you may have already guessed what I'm going to tell you about today. Oh yes, Maison got a hold of the scissors (she was supposed to be asleep) and she gave herself the "new do" you see in the pics. As you can see, she is quite pleased with herself. When she was discovered, we also saw purple hair on the floor..."Where is the pony?" I asked. We found the poor pony and saw that it too had been a victim and had the stub of a tail to prove it. Next, we found brown fur. "Where is the dog?" I asked. The big stuffed dog was found, his ears decidedly less shaggy than they were earlier that day. Well, by that point I could not stop laughing long enough to chide Maison too harshly. I mean, it was pretty darn funny, and hair will grow back. I still giggle thinking about it. Ah memories. (I apologize for the quality of the pics...I was laughing way too hard to worry about lighting, etc.) :-)

As the second half of my blog title suggests, there is another Coco Bonbons give-away going on RIGHT NOW! Check out Jeri's Pink & Posh blog and enter to win the outfit of your choice from our website. Love it!


Rhonda said...

LOVE your blog!


Kim said...

Okay, now that is one of the funniest blog postings I've ever read. Your daughter is a cutie, and I love her new look for the new year!


PS I love Coco Bonbons, too!

Lana Cox said...

Thanks Deborah! I'm brand new to coco bonbons, but I love it. You have some really great items. I'm definately going to spread the word!

Rachel said...

she wanted a personalized cut and got it! my little sis did this when she was a kid. must be a right of passage or something. :P