Friday, November 21, 2008

Maison's favorite outfit

I should tell you that I am one of the luckiest Moms around. Not only because of my wonderful little girl, but also because I work for a fabulous children's wear company called Coco Bonbons! That's right. Feel free to be jealous. :-) If you've seen the designs for this Fall then I don't have to tell you how much fun I've been having dressing Maison ever since we started feeling a chill in the air. One of Maison's favorite outfits to wear is from the Cat collection. Check out the pictures to the right. Every time we go somewhere and she is wearing Coco Bonbons she gets so many oohs and aahs. You can see the designs for yourself at

Maison is definitely a girly girl. When given the choice between pants and a dress, she always chooses a dress. (And oh yes...there is a Cat dress and matching tights too!) Does your little girl prefer dresses or pants? Does she have a favorite outfit she wants to wear everyday? Maison has to wear a uniform to pre-school every day except Friday, so I think that's why she likes to dress up when she's out of uniform. It's interesting to see what she picks out to wear. She loves having a choice and some control over what she is wearing. She's already becoming so independent which is awesome because it will help her as she continues to grow, but it can be challenging at times too. Teaching independence and respect for others is difficult, but so far she is such a fun person to be around. Please tell me about your little one too! Is he/she an independent fashion maven too?


Kelli said...

What a sweet pea! I predict that Maison WILL grow up to be a superhero just like her Mommy. I remember my daughter telling me that she wanted to be a doctor but work at Chuck E. Cheese on the weekend. Works for healthcare and pizza!

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves dresses, tights and anything with sparkles. Her absolute favorite thing to wear is her sparkle tutu and glitter shoes. She wants to wear her tutu over everything.
We love cocobonbons! Her favorite is the flower coat/hat/gloves from last year. Mine is the giraffe coat and sunflower t-shirt and skirt. Many complements when worn.

Natalie said...

My 21m old son doesn't say much, but he loves to roar like a lion. When I saw the lion collection I knew he would love it! He roars every time I take the outfit or the jacket out to put on him. Everyone always comments on how cute the CocoBonBon clothes are and I tell them how wonderfully they are made!
My 4 year old daughter loves candy, so the BonBon outfit is her favorite.

Michelle said...

I'm a new follower to your blog -- what a great idea to document the "favorites!" I have to say that right now, my 3.5 year old daughter's favorite thing to wear is her pajamas -- commando -- yup, she learned that word after I off-handedly said it one evening and now she WILL NOT STOP. Funny..but hopefully she'll grow weary of the word soon! ;)