Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maison's favorite bear

When Maison was younger she could not pronounce the name of one of my closest friends. Her name is Yvonne, Aunt Yvonne to Maison. Maison tried and tried and finally settled on calling her Ipedub (all vowel sounds are short). As you can guess, the name has stuck and Aunt Yvonne won't respond to anything but the name of Ipedub in Maison's presence. Maison even started saying "Aunt Yvonne" one day and stopped and called her Ipedub...funny! Maison's Ipedub is the "cool Aunt" who always seems to pick things up for Maison when she is out or gives her the slightly used but still stylish purse she doesn't need anymore. This past Sunday Ipedub gave Maison the cutest bear/doll that has a plaid dress on, patent leather boots, and a purse to match. I went to check on Maison before going to bed last night and came upon the cutest sight of her holding her precious bear while she lay fast asleep. I do believe we have a new favorite toy. :-)


yvonne said...

So sweet! love her Ipedub

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very sweet story. Olivia's favorite is still a half frog, half blanket creature that she has had since early on.