Monday, June 8, 2009

Summertime Fun...leads to impromptu naps!

Maison, like a lot of kids, loves playing in the pool. We are lucky enough to have a pool and we enjoyed hanging out in the sunshine this past weekend. We played all sorts of make-believe games such as "Mommy's a shark!" (insert 'Jaws' theme music here) and "Mommy's a horse!" (insert neighing and 'faster horsey, faster!' here). She has such a warm, loving spirit and a great sense of humor. Here she is being silly while eating a popsicle she made herself.

Last night I had to make a quick run to the store for coffee creamer (A MUST!) and milk. The store is only about 5 minutes away from our house. I was pulling into the parking lot and Maison didn't make her usual announcement that we had arrived. I wondered why she was so quiet back there:

She was completely out. She did not wake up the whole time we were in the store. I had to carry her, using the cart to prop her up. When we got home Maison said "We didn't go in the store!" How cute is that!

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Cora said...

That is too sweet!

KC Mom said...

I love fun filled summer days that lead to exhaustion!