Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth...The Greatest Coat Sale too!!!

The Barnum and Bailey Circus came to our town last weekend! Maison refused to take a nap that day and I was a little concerned about how she would hold up since we had tickets for the 7pm show. She had a blast! The bag full of cotton candy and funnel cake she ate gave her the sugar boost she needed to make it through the show. Her eyes filled with amazement as she watched the acrobats and dancers, tigers and elephants, and of course the clowns.

Here's a picture of Maison with the huge hat that came with her cotton candy. (Maison is wearing vintage Coco Bonbons--Lollipop Collection circa Fall 2007.)

...and here is what happens when you put take the cotton candy away so we can take a family picture...

The title of my post also alluded to the Greatest Coat Sale! Check out the sweet deals on Coco Bonbons Coats and Sets (tees and pants/shirts and skirts)!!!

All girls coats $25 or less!
All boys coats $20 or less!


Lynette said...

You have been tagged!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Those pictures are so cute!